EXCLUSIV FOTO – Lady Gaga a venit cu sânii goi la un eveniment! That’s not very Ladylike: No bra Gaga barely leaves anything to the imagination in sheer blue dress.



Lady Gaga a apărut la un eveniment din Mexic într-o rochie transparentă şi fără sutien.



Cântăreaţa îşi şochează fanii ori de câte ori are ocazia. Ea a participat la un eveniment în Mexic, unde a venit îmbrăcată cu o rochie albastră transparentă. Diva nu purta sutien însă şi-a acoperit sfârcurile cu bandă albastră.

Lady Gaga certainly knows how to raise the blood pressure of her fans.
The pop superstar dared to bare in a see-through blue dress yesterday as she posed for puictures at a photo call in Mexico city.

Leaving little to the imagination, Gaga – real name Stefani Germanotta – only had two strategically-placed pieces of striped tape preserving her modesty.
The 25-year-old superstar, who was in the Mexican capital city to promote her new album Born This Way, also debuted a new do, wearing what appeared to be a wig styled in a short bleach blonde bob with a blunt fringe.
The fringe and other strands were dyed black and she completed
The singer recently revealed how she had witnessed the tragic events that occurred in new York on September 11 2001.

At the age of 15 Lady Gaga saw the Twin Towers collapse from the roof of her school, the Convent of the Sacred Heart in Manhattan, New York.

In an exclusive new radio interview the pop queen said that Osama bin Laden’s death earlier this week was: ‘An historical moment in the fight against hatred’.
She also recalled her father, Joseph, coming to collect her from school on foot on the historic day.

The worried pair then waited in fraught desperation for ten hours before they finally learned that Gaga’s mother was safe.

The Poker Face singer’s mother Cynthia worked right across the street from the World Trade Center an had been caught in the terrible commotion ten years ago.
‘The whole city was covered in ashes,’ Gaga told the radio host Toby Knapp in the interview on Washington, DC’s Hot 99.5 on Friday.
Gaga, now 25, said she experienced conflicting feelings after she learned bin Laden had been killed.
‘It’s a difficult thing,’ she said
‘Nobody wants to celebrate anyone’s death. But I know it was something that meant a lot to the people of New York, especially those who lost loved ones that day.’
Lady Gaga is heading back to Los Angeles this weekend and will serve as the latest superstar mentor for the final four contestants on next week’s American Idol.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1384448/Lady-Gaga-barely-leaves-imagination-sheer-blue-dress.html#ixzz1LmWhmqX7

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